Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oy Vay

My favorite age has always been three. I've had a lot of training in early childhood, and preschool years are always my favorite age to learn about. I also worked in day care for a few years and insisted on working with three year olds. (I did two's for a little while and that helped me develop a soft spot for that age, too. A close second.)

Having my own three year old is definitely everything I thought it would be and more! I've known a lot of three year olds, but I'm pretty sure mine's the best! (or just perfect for me!)

His new favorite thing to do is say, "How many (fill in anything under the sun) are there?" We count EVERYTHING. How many girls vs boys are in a room, how many elephants are in the book, how many candies in the bag, how many carrots on the plate, he even counted the trees on the side of the highway. (As we zoomed past them he would get to twenty and just start over.)

He still likes to cuddle with me, and gives hugs periodically throughout the day. He's not too busy to slow down and just sit with me. But lest you think my Parker is anything but ALL BOY he also refuses to go potty anywhere but on rocks or grass. He wakes up and whines at the door, just like a puppy, asking to "potty on the rocks". It's odd when you find yourself asking, "Did you let Parker out?" Or "Did Parker go out with Cannon?"

He's also into calling Mark, "Mark". When Mark comes home, "Oh hi Mark!" At all times it's, "Mark". Even if I refer to him as Daddy he'll say, "That's not Daddy. That's Mark."

Oy vay.


Evaly said...

3 is fun, but hard too. I'm starting to enjoy that age more. I'm glad that you already like it! That pic is adorable. We are excited to see you guys in a couple weeks!

Rebel said...

Hahahaha. I love you guys! That Parker cracks me up!