Monday, January 28, 2013

That was not fun

Kindergarten registration started this morning at 9:00.  I got to the school at 9:15 and there was a crowd. As I feverishly filled out the paperwork (and scoped out the other Moms around me to make sure I was going faster) I overheard registration packets being denied because the parents hadn't done a tour.  Phew.  Now Parker's only #4 on the wait list.  I finished the paperwork 40 minutes after registration opened and both Kinder classrooms were full.  Add in the fact that I'm only willing to send him if he gets the teacher I requested; and I'm pretty sure I need a plan B. Picking out one school was hard enough.  Another one?  That sounds impossible.

If you don't live in Arizona, you may thin I'm crazy picky.  But no.  No one here sends their kids to the neighborhood school.  All my friends send their kids to different schools.  In general, you just can't trust schools here; so you have to hunt for what you think will be good for your kid.

All this work for a kid who doesn't even want to go to school.  He's in Pre-K, and while he likes going, he's catching onto the fact that he's going to be in school for a long time.

With a very exasperated tone he asks me, "How long will I be in school?"

I tell him, "At least until you're 18.  But then you can go to college and learn how to do whatever job you want."

And than he asked a question that hurt my heart, "What job can I do without going to college?"  (zinger) So, now he tells people, "I'm going to be a firefighter because I don't want to go to college."  (Although sometimes he mixes up the words "college" and "Chicago"- and people are quite confused.)

He doesn't want to go on a mission either because that sounds "booooooring".  Daddy's job sounds "booooooring" too.  Amen Parker.  Amen.

It's hard to believe he'll be in elementary school.  That sounds so old.  Today he didn't want me to walk him into preschool.  I'm taking that as a sign that he's ready.  He's definitely more ready than I am.  My heart aches when he's preschool a few hours a day.  How will I do eight hours every day?!

(Parker and his BFF hanging out after preschool.)
Random comment Parker made- He put the hood of his jacket on his head and said, "I better put this on so my hairs on my head don't get cold." 
He's also been telling us he wants "long Rapunzel hair".  Which isn't true at all.  He shuns everything girl.  He won't even walk down the girl toy aisles at Target because, "ewww that's for girls."  But this is why his hair is mighty shaggy. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ready for 2013

Here are some of my goals for the new year.  I decided to put them here because I'm interested to see what tidbits of information or resources you might have to help my reach my goals.

My number one, most top priority goal is to figure out where Parker will go to kindergarten.  I could do an entire blog post about the headache this has been.  I am so ready to be done.  I've thought about it and stressed over it for months now.  I've been researching everything.  But I've been so discouraged that I haven't actually visited any schools.  I've been hoping that either; one, the right school would just fall in my lap.  Or two, we'd move!  Move to a state that isn't consistently rated worst for education in the nation.

Second priority, update the will.  Why do I procrastinate something so important? 

Then there's my goal to eliminate our use of paper towels and Ziploc bags.  Mark is in opposition.  So I guess my goal should be to get Mark to like the idea of eliminating our use of paper towels and Ziploc bags.

Get pregnant!  Again, going to take some coercion to convince Mark this is a good idea.

I also want to work on cleaning my bathrooms two times a week.  With boys, once a week just isn't enough.

And I also need to figure out what I'm doing with me.  I've felt terribly lost since I quit my job and am wondering what I can do to get Christy back.  Where did she go?

And of course I have the usuals... read more, less time on the phone, more date nights, etc.

Thoughts?  Insights?  Pearls of wisdom I didn't consider?