Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cannon Ball

I finished reading Marley & Me before bed tonight and then afterwards I couldn't go to sleep. Not because I was sad but because I was thinking about how much I love my own Marley... Cannon. I decided to get up and write a post about him so that hopefully I could fall asleep.

Cannon has been a GREAT dog for us. He house trained easily, has never chewed anything up, is playful, loyal, and only barks when people arrive at the front door. He doesn't beg for food or lick faces (but he will jump in your lap and get dangerously close to your mouth to give you a kiss). He loves to swim and will even dive under water for a stick.

As I was finishing Marley & Me I was feeling guilty about how in my post partum haze I was so close to giving him away. Man am I glad I didn't. He's been a trooper! He's adjusted to life with Parker just fine. Having a baby around has definitely slowed him down. Over night Cannon became a calmer adult dog. I wish I had the same amount of time to devote to him that I did before Parker, it amazes me that Cannon is just as excited to see me everyday and still sleeps by my side at night even though he's not my baby anymore.

Here's some pictures of our two buds. Parker giggles when Cannon licks his hands, but doesn't like it when Cannon licks his face. But its cute because everytime Cannon strolls over to Parker, Parker automatically starts laughing. Cannon hasn't really developed any strong loyalty to Parker yet, he's usually trying to be close to me when he's around Parker. But a few times we've caught him hanging out with him. Like in this picture:

Mark walked out of the bedroom to see them sitting like this.

Here's Cannon checking up on Parker in the bath.

Cannon knows which toys are Parker's and which ones are his. On this day it was confirmed to me that Parker knows which toys are Cannons as well. Cannon can only touch Cannon's but Parker can touch anyones'.

Cannon is not allowed to take from Parker. He does pretty good following these rules!
Thank you Cannon for being the best pup I've ever had! I'm glad your young and have got many more years to go with us!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Scooter Update

So we didn't get a chance to pick up my scooter until this morning. And it turns out things were not exactly as they seemed...

First to clarify, the pictures and movie on the previous post were from two years ago when times were good :) I don't have a picture yet of its current condition...

Second as far as what actually happened when the police found it. The police found someone out riding it, stop him and found out (assumed) it was stolen. We weren't sure if it was the actual theif or someone who bought it. Based on the condition found we assume it was the theif because we don't know why anybody would have bought it and here's why...

It's condition was bad, it's been gone two years and looks like more. They drilled the gas cap, cut a big hole in the plastic to get to the ignition and steering wheel lock. They laid it down on the left side. The leather seat was peeling, Vin numbers are missing and basiclly damaged all over and was filthy.

It was a bit of a disappointment... And lastly the question was what will I do with it? I'll probably just give it away to someone who needs it. Or put both scooters on craigslist for what I can get. So if anybody wants a project, doesn't mind putting a little time and money into it let me know. Later...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Updated: BIG NEWS!!!

Just a random thought... "I was one of those kids who threw a boom-a-rang and it didn't come back."

It Came Back!

Two years ago it was just like any other day, I got up early and got ready for work, ate breakfast and kissed Christy who was still in bed goodbye...

And that is how the worst day of my life started....

I went outside to leave on my scooter (A very blue Yammaha Vino, 125cc) when to my horror it was not where I parked it. I bursted through the front door and awoke Christy. We needed to call the police, the mayor, alert the national guard or something a crime had occured! Somebody stole a piece of me, my beloved scooter!

The story you would think clearly ends there, the police filed a report over the phone, nobody ever called back. Twice I recieved letters asking if the scooter had been found, and to see if they could close the case and update there stats. Each time I was wretched by the memory of what occured that day and replyed it was still missing.

With the support of family and friends I began to recover my feelings of being violated and stolen from. I bought a new scooter and later my motorcycle.

Today we rejoice, Christy and I recieved a call from the Mesa Police department. They found it! They found someone riding around on my scooter! Tonight Christy and I will pick it up and have a very joyful reunion!

Here are two pictures taken literally days before it was stolen and a video that makes me laugh everytime we had so much fun! I would have placed pictures on milk cartons but they reserve that for things like missing kids or some non-sense (that's a joke) Anyway I'll post my feelings about the reunion later, tonight is a time for celebration! We'll slaughter the fatted calf, my scooter has finally come home!

Do you see how happy I was then?

And you HAVE TO watch this clip it is hilareous and of surprisingly good quality! (Sorry no sound but you don't need it to laugh!) This is why my scooter meant so much to me.


Christy and I just had an AMAZING phone call! For those who really know me or for a longer time, they know I lost a piece of myself two years ago...

And later tonight it will finally be returned, so check back then to find out what just happened to us! And of coarse we'll have pictures!

(Trust me, it's not what your probably thinking it is. See you tonight!!!)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Hair Cut

On Christmas Eve Parker got his first hair cut. I felt a little silly taking him to this kids salon that was obviously set to cater to little girls. But the lady that cut his hair had so much fun and said over and over that he was the best baby she's ever cut hair on. Each time she did something new she expected a scream. From putting on the smock, to trimming around the ears Parker didn't seem bothered by any of it.

And no, I didn't cry or save a lock of his hair. Maybe if I had a little girl I would be more sentimental about the first hair cut.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Because that's what Daddy's do!

We celebrated the holiday's with a mix of family traditions this year, from Christy's side we had a traditional Christmas Eve dinner of a random assortment of treats and opened presents (a few day's early), on my side we went to Knott's Berry Farm and talked around a warm fire. It was a lot of fun, Thanks to everyone who made time to spend with us and for the cards and gifts!

I noticed something after getting out of the house for a few day's. I seemed to really be getting into being a dad. I'm alway's talking, singing or smiling at parker. I was feeding him a few day's ago and realized how much I used songs to play, or get him to eat something he doesn't like.

So for your pure enjoyment (or Not!) I recorded 4 of those songs for you to hear. I'm sure you'll be able to guess which songs are about the food :) Go ahead listen a few times, use them for yourselves and your kids or spouse will be amazed!