Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Advice Welcome

I need help! Go easy on me, because I'm ashamed that I am graduate level educated but can't figure out my grocery budget.

In the last 2 weeks I have spent $320 on groceries (madness, I know.) Our usual budget is $450 a month. (Including diapers, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, etc.) This 450 has worked for our family for a LONG time. I used to be able to stick to it. Last 2-3 months... not possible. And there's only 3 people in my family!

Menu planning used to really work for me. But that also has led to my downfall. When I plan menus I get more intentional about what I'm making... and that leads to planning intriquite meals. I need simple/cheap dinner ideas to mix in with our more exciting meals. I also need help with lunches! With Mark and I both working 9-5:00 and neither of us enjoying preparing lunches, I find myself buying expensive pre-made things for us to just grab and go. (That are still cheaper than eating out and a little healthier.)

Kids snacks are expensive too!

How do I avoid filling my family's belly with either boring tasting foods or foods that are chalk full of pesticides, corn syrup, or refined everything but not spend a small fortune doing so??What works for your family?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Things

I love :

how he says, "Bye dog. Love you. Have a good day." Everytime we leave the house.

how every farm animal says "moo" or "roar".

how he says "night cars, love you" just before he pushes them out of his crib to go to sleep.

I could do without

"no". "mine". "don't". "stop it". "go away".

This language thing really is a blessing and a curse.

The donkey licking all up on his ear, never got a "stop" or "dont".

But when I try to get close to the bowl of popcorn I'm quickly met with a
"no, don't, stop it, mine!"(in that order- every time- without fail.)