Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Things

I love :

how he says, "Bye dog. Love you. Have a good day." Everytime we leave the house.

how every farm animal says "moo" or "roar".

how he says "night cars, love you" just before he pushes them out of his crib to go to sleep.

I could do without

"no". "mine". "don't". "stop it". "go away".

This language thing really is a blessing and a curse.

The donkey licking all up on his ear, never got a "stop" or "dont".

But when I try to get close to the bowl of popcorn I'm quickly met with a
"no, don't, stop it, mine!"(in that order- every time- without fail.)


April Hardy said...

Parker is a hoot thats for sure. Watching the video in the car he said moo when ever the cow was on the screen, and duck whenever Donald Duck was on the screen. I was impressed. But I have heard the unpleasant phrases many times too as Autumn or Weston get too close to what he's playing with. It cracks me up.

Cindy Ardis said...

Kids do say the cutest things!! And when it's your own kid it's even cuter!! And when it's your grandkids, well that's over the top!! I love your new blog look, very nice. Miss you guys.