Sunday, September 28, 2008

Go Sun Devils!

Since Mark is currently working on school work due to ASU tomorrow, I thought I'd post some pictures of Parker in his ASU gear.

(The real reason for the post is Mark's been super busy with school the last two weeks or so. Parker's already gone to bed and I'm bored.) But thanks to Dad for the ASU outfit. Parker gets lots of compliments on it.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I finally found a place to take our disposable cameras (not everywhere handles film anymore). So now I have cds of the pictures we took in California when we went- about a month ago.

At the Angels Game

Mark, Great-Grandpa, Grandpa & Parker

Dana Point Harbor

My FAVORITE of all the pictures

on the ferry with Grandma

Wow, we did lots of fun stuff on our trip. The only thing left out (which was probably the highlight) was that we got to spend time with Mark's sister and her three kids. I guess I was too busy taking pictures of my own kid to try to get the cousins. I do have one picture of Parker with his cousins, but the disk its on is at Motophoto where I'm making prints of some other pictures. Thank you to all the Dorffs that spent the weekend with us, we had a lot of fun and want to come back.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I know this post won't be exciting for Evaly or Lorinda
who have already seen the pictures, but everyone else
has to see just how cute Parker is. Mark's sister, Evaly,
took these pictures when we were in California.
Lorinda, I'll be making some prints for my
Mom, would you like some, too? I have taken pictures
recently but they are on the FANTASTIC disposable
cameras we bought, I don't remember what you do with
those. I'll figure it out so I can keep spreading joy by
posting Parker's pictures.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have a car FULL of Similac Isomil Advance formula. I haven't had to buy formula yet so I don't know what the important info is, but I think it says soy free and good birth to 12 months. But I would love to get rid of it, because I can fit nothing in my backseat. Not even little Parker. So if you know anyone that is feeding their baby Similac give them my number. I'll give it to anyone. Oh yeah, and its ready made- you don't have to add water.