Sunday, March 28, 2010


On Friday I took my team hiking in the Superstition Mountains. I had so much fun and it really helped me to realize I need to enjoy all aspects of my job before its gone. (Yes, funding has become really volatile... again.)

My team is stellar! I got the rare opportunity of getting to hire and hand pick my whole team. Which has allowed me to avoid some of the issues I faced with my first team... when I was younger than them, had worked in the program less time than they had, and had to come in an re-train them on how to do their job.

These ladies I work with now are just so FUN. I feel honored to get to spend everyday with them and can't believe the changes they're helping people make in their lives. They do some hard work and they handle it all with class!

There's Danielle, Priscilla, Tara, & Bernadette. I still have one opening on my team... its been hard to find someone that can live up to these guys.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I tend to get most of my local news from and tonight I was clicking around and saw this article about the Child Abuse Campaign me and a co-worker have been involved with. Work has been REALLY busy with things that don't always seem work related but reading this gave me a little boost. It helped me to remember it matters. That people- families-children- community- it all matters.