Thursday, March 4, 2010

I tend to get most of my local news from and tonight I was clicking around and saw this article about the Child Abuse Campaign me and a co-worker have been involved with. Work has been REALLY busy with things that don't always seem work related but reading this gave me a little boost. It helped me to remember it matters. That people- families-children- community- it all matters.


Cindy Ardis said...

That makes me so sad. I can't believe how scared and aweful these little children must feel in the homes of people who are suppose to love them the most. No child should grow up being abused. I am so proud of you and work that you do. It takes a lot of strenght to deal with this, I can only imagine. I love you. When I read or hear of things like this, I am so thankful for my parents and hope that my children felt loved and safe and in our home. I wish I would of hugged you more!! I wish I could do something more for those poor unfortunate children who are not loved.

Larry and Karri said...

Those stories in the article were so, so heartbreaking. They made me feel so awful. It's one thing to hear about violence with adults but mix that with children and it just about makes me cry every time. I'm so glad they're trying to do more to combat that and increase public awareness in how to prevent and get rid of that. Children are so precious.