Friday, July 13, 2012

Surviving Summer- Dorff Family Style (aka iphone picture dump)

First of all, three cheers to me!  This is my first time ever uploading any pictures, from any device, to the computer.  Mark's in Denver for work, so I had no choice but to figure this out.  And I hate to admit... it's as easy as he said it was.  (Does anyone else use their husband as a crutch?) 

I made myself a promise that I wouldn't complain about the heat and I would enjoy summer, so that on Parker's first day of preschool I wouldn't look back and wish I could do it over again.  Most days I'm at least complaining in my head.  Every afternoon I think, "Why do people live in the desert!  This isn't natural!"  And I understand that 95 and humid is hot.  But so is 120 and dry.  So don't tell me, "But it's a dry heat!"  I'd prefer some humidity- my hair and skin would be feeling a lot better right now.  But I'm not complaining.

We took a trip to California about a month ago- it was awesome!  Some cool weather and time with family will totally rejuvinate you! (I hope to do a post on that trip soon.)

So when we're not longing for another beach vacation here's what we're doing:

Frequent trips to Target, where an ICEE has become a necessity.

We got a membership to the Arizona Museum for Youth.  We go there maybe... biweekly.  Certainly enough to get our moneys worth.  We still have our zoo membership and I miss using it!  We went to the zoo every week, sometimes twice a week when the weather was nice.  I'm sad that Parker will be in preschool by the time I can start taking advantage of the zoo again.  He loves that place, and would go everyday if he could.

 Baby speedos! 
 Seriously, take that shirt off and you've got the cutest sight ever!  Wish I had a pic for ya.  But this one's pretty good. 

We do this never, except that one time.  Oven = cruel and unusual punishment.

For the 4th we went on a staycation and stayed at a small resort on the west side.  I thought it would be fun to see what their is to do out there.  Turns out, there is nothing to do.  It's okay, the resort had some really nice pools, and we couldn't get the kids out of them.  They especially loved the zero entry.  And Parker thought he was pretty cool "surfing".

Someone had a birthday!

Parker's impressed that Mark got all 29 candles. #priceless

Mark spent his birthday at work, came home, opened a present, didn't even eat a cupcake, then spent the night working on his car that broke down two days before. #sadtruestories

This is what we've been doing the most:

 Swimming with the cousins! 
 I'm pretty sure I would die without access to a swimming pool.  We go out at least 4 times a week.  And my sister has been coming up from Maricopa a lot.  Autumn, Weston, and Parker are all in swim lessons and it's been so fun to watch them become confident in the water.  They're so proud of themselves!

Check out these 2 bathing beautys: 

They're 3 months apart and ridicously cute and fun to watch together.

We've also had a good number of play dates, gone to the movies a couple times, bowling, the library, etc.  Turns out there's enough out there to go ahead and make your summer pretty enjoyable.

Here's one last picture for ya:

Keep it cool out there y'all!