Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weekend Report

One of the many reasons I love my in-laws is because of where they live. I had never been to California prior to meeting Mark, so it's all quite novel to me and I love it! There's so much to do there, and no way to be bored. This weekend we had an especially fun time because all of us were together under one roof. That doesn't happen often so it was really special!

This weekend Parker nervously took on the beach.

Good thing his cousins (who basically live on the beach) were there to help him get acclimated. He loves his cousin "Kell", even let her bury him in the sand. He also got to go out in the kayak. Everyone out on the water that we rowed past he would excitedly tell, "Parker's in the shoe boat!"

Benjamin got his first (of I'm sure what will by many) sunburns. He'll curse me for that skin someday. I know I was not pleased with my parents for giving me such sensitive skin.

And he rounded out his meetings of all his great grandparents for the summer. Here he is with Mark's only living grandparent, Grandpa John. He's a super genuine person and always fun to visit with.
Look at those chubby-licious baby thighs! I think he's going to give Parker a run for his money in the chubbiest infant thigh competition. He's not quite there yet.

The men folk played games, while the women went dress shopping. Mark's sister is getting married in November, and she bought her dress after trying on only 3 dresses! {lucky}

And there-in lies the reason for the family gathering. We all just had to meet Adam. I'm sure you don't need explanation on who the newly engaged ones are. The ones that can't stop holding hands long enough to take a picture.

And look at these two hams. Mark's 17 year old brother. Parker can hardly keep them straight. You know how Parker loves to count... "How many Dads? 1... 2. TWO Dads!"

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hypothetically Speaking

Lets say you had a three-year-old who refused to eat anything except cold cereal. And lets say you also had an abundant supply of breast milk. Would you consider offering your three-year- old cereal with breast milk?

Do you think I am

Disgusting for even thinking of this?


Genious for figuring out a way to get some serious nutrition in my three-year-old?

For those of us not eating cereal with breast milk for dinner (which would be all of us because remember we're just hypothetical right now) we had these for dinner. They were delicious and easy! My kind of cooking!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oy Vay

My favorite age has always been three. I've had a lot of training in early childhood, and preschool years are always my favorite age to learn about. I also worked in day care for a few years and insisted on working with three year olds. (I did two's for a little while and that helped me develop a soft spot for that age, too. A close second.)

Having my own three year old is definitely everything I thought it would be and more! I've known a lot of three year olds, but I'm pretty sure mine's the best! (or just perfect for me!)

His new favorite thing to do is say, "How many (fill in anything under the sun) are there?" We count EVERYTHING. How many girls vs boys are in a room, how many elephants are in the book, how many candies in the bag, how many carrots on the plate, he even counted the trees on the side of the highway. (As we zoomed past them he would get to twenty and just start over.)

He still likes to cuddle with me, and gives hugs periodically throughout the day. He's not too busy to slow down and just sit with me. But lest you think my Parker is anything but ALL BOY he also refuses to go potty anywhere but on rocks or grass. He wakes up and whines at the door, just like a puppy, asking to "potty on the rocks". It's odd when you find yourself asking, "Did you let Parker out?" Or "Did Parker go out with Cannon?"

He's also into calling Mark, "Mark". When Mark comes home, "Oh hi Mark!" At all times it's, "Mark". Even if I refer to him as Daddy he'll say, "That's not Daddy. That's Mark."

Oy vay.