Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hypothetically Speaking

Lets say you had a three-year-old who refused to eat anything except cold cereal. And lets say you also had an abundant supply of breast milk. Would you consider offering your three-year- old cereal with breast milk?

Do you think I am

Disgusting for even thinking of this?


Genious for figuring out a way to get some serious nutrition in my three-year-old?

For those of us not eating cereal with breast milk for dinner (which would be all of us because remember we're just hypothetical right now) we had these for dinner. They were delicious and easy! My kind of cooking!


Bianca said...

I don't know if you're this daring but if I notice that my kids want a certain snack or food all the time then I stop buying it. Then I show them x snack/food is not where it would be and present them with other options. They can choose from the options or cry until they a) are stubborn enough to go to bed hungry or b) get over it and eat something else.

It works pretty well. I have to get rid of fruit snacks and cereal pretty often because of it, except for the last two months - it's been my saving grace. I'm sure it will be hard to ween them off of it.

Evaly said...

haha...hypothetically, I would say go for it! :) I woner if he would like the taste? I agree with Bianca- we have a eat what is served or go to bed hungry policy around here. No one has died yet :)

Janalee said...

I'm imagining you leaned over the table happily spraying milk onto his cheerios. "Hold on, sweeie, this will take about 30 minutes, then you can eat"

and yah, what bianca said.

christianna said...

hi love your blog want to see mine its called being real in a plastic world i need a pros opinion

April Hardy said...

I am with Evaly. If they don't eat what we make, they go to bed hungry. (Although that's just Autumn at this point, Weston will eat just about anything) But you're much more lenient with your kids than I am. So I can see that not being your style of parenting. :) But only because of my degree would I not let my kid eat cereal all the time, it was pounded into me that allowing such things would set a child up for poor food choices and bad eating behaviors in the future. But to each his own! He may out grow it.