Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weekend Report

One of the many reasons I love my in-laws is because of where they live. I had never been to California prior to meeting Mark, so it's all quite novel to me and I love it! There's so much to do there, and no way to be bored. This weekend we had an especially fun time because all of us were together under one roof. That doesn't happen often so it was really special!

This weekend Parker nervously took on the beach.

Good thing his cousins (who basically live on the beach) were there to help him get acclimated. He loves his cousin "Kell", even let her bury him in the sand. He also got to go out in the kayak. Everyone out on the water that we rowed past he would excitedly tell, "Parker's in the shoe boat!"

Benjamin got his first (of I'm sure what will by many) sunburns. He'll curse me for that skin someday. I know I was not pleased with my parents for giving me such sensitive skin.

And he rounded out his meetings of all his great grandparents for the summer. Here he is with Mark's only living grandparent, Grandpa John. He's a super genuine person and always fun to visit with.
Look at those chubby-licious baby thighs! I think he's going to give Parker a run for his money in the chubbiest infant thigh competition. He's not quite there yet.

The men folk played games, while the women went dress shopping. Mark's sister is getting married in November, and she bought her dress after trying on only 3 dresses! {lucky}

And there-in lies the reason for the family gathering. We all just had to meet Adam. I'm sure you don't need explanation on who the newly engaged ones are. The ones that can't stop holding hands long enough to take a picture.

And look at these two hams. Mark's 17 year old brother. Parker can hardly keep them straight. You know how Parker loves to count... "How many Dads? 1... 2. TWO Dads!"


Evaly said...

Love all the pics!

Rebel said...

YEA! Thanks for the photos! I love reading stuff from y'all!

April Hardy said...

Brayden has super sensitive skin too. He swims with a long sleeved shirt on (like a swim shirt) and Heather has bought spf 100 for her red heads when 50 wasn't working. Poor Ben! I can't wait to take my kids to the beach. That looks so fun! Glad you had such an awesome time.

Heather said...

Red heads and sun! April got to see what we have to do to keep our red heads protected. But I love my red heads so much they are worth it! hehe. I love the pictures of the boys. We miss Parker and can't wait to meet Ben and his yummy thighs. Sierra was my chunky monkey and she probably got tired of me kissing her little rolls all the time, but I loved them so much I couldn't help it. Baby thighs are just so stinkin cute! Love you guys and hope to see ya'll soon!