Friday, July 31, 2009

Date Night

So on this Friday night, while Mark works, I decided to take Parker out. We went to the mall- dinner and a play place for my toddler- perfect date. While Parker took an eternity to eat his chicken, I did my usual people watching.

My emotion surprised me. As teengaers began to fill the food court, I watched as young couples couldn't stop holding hands... not even to eat. And as two friends sat and sat and sat and giggled at who knows what, I literally got teary eyed as I thought back to my high school days. How EVERY friday night me and my best friend, H (as I called her), went to the mall. Always with a trip to a restaurant, a movie, and Gameworks, and then a sleepover at someones house. It was fun to think about how occasionally the boyfriend of the time would accompany one or the other, or the other girlfriends that rotated in and out. Oh how I miss H. I know if we were at the mall together we could be those friends sitting their laughing and talking about nothing- but having the best time. (but that would require one of us moving out of state. She's in TX, so visits are far and few between.)

I must have been feeling especially nostalgic because I found myself walking into Claires. It put a smile on my face to look at all the silly trinkets tweens can waste five bucks on. I had a huge grin; I noticed the sales clerk looking at me, I told her I hadn't been in the store in a "forever long time" and it brings back a lot of memories. She looked at me with a look only a 17 year old unammused teen could give.

If I could do it all again- I would. And I wouldn't even change anything. I loved high school.

What about you? What do you miss? Or not miss?

AND Grandma, now that I know you read this you gotta comment! Tell me about your high school days!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Likeable Quote

As I was reading this one stuck out to me:

"Stereotypes replace the complexity of actual lives with simplistic evaluations based on limited information."

From Women in Culture: A Women's Study Anthology

Friday, July 10, 2009


So multiples run in my family. Some twins, some triplets.
I always thought it would be fun to have twins.

But then, I had a kid. And changed my mind.
But then, I saw these twins. And changed my mind again.

So... as long as I can have one red head and one brunette. I'm in!
These twins belong to one of Mark's friends from high school... Ashley.