Thursday, December 22, 2011

This is how we Christmas

Kicking off the Christmas Season for us was Parker's Holiday Program at preschool:

That's our Parker- refusing to participate. He sat in that chair and looked around as if he had no idea what was going on. Everyone oohed and awed over him thinking he must be shy. (We got Parker's teachers some Sees Candies for Christmas and when he gave the boxes to them he said, "Merry Christmas! Will you share with me?" Yeah, not so shy.

So far, the most exciting part of Christmas for Parker has been the Christmas tree. He ran around the Christmas tree lot pointing at every tree saying, "I want that one! I want that one!"

I wish I could capture in a bottle the look of awe and amazement when we turned the lights on the tree. He helped me put the lights on, and I don't know what he thought was going to happen, but when we turned them on he was stunned! When I tucked him into bed that night, in the sweetest little voice imagineable, he says to me, "Thanks for putting the lights on the tree Mom." I cried and realized that this would probably be the best Christmas ever.

We went to Zoo Lights, which has really improved the last few years.

Parker says, "I'm ready for the snow!" (It's a good thing we won't be around any snow for Christmas.)

And there were a few things we did that I didn't have pictures of. We went and delivered some Christmas goodies. (Which Parker LOVED. When someone opened the door he would scream "Merry Christmas", shove them the plate, and then run into their house. The last few days he's also required that any little snack I give him be on a Christmas plate and that I say, "Merry Christmas" when I hand it to him.) Mark and I went and saw A Christmas Carol at Hale Theatre; LOVED it. My Mom came into town and celebrated Christmas with me and my sister. We had a traditional Ardis Christmas Eve Party.

I also got a traffic ticket which was really exciting. There's a lot of other things to do with $200 right before Christmas.

I feel like we've experienced a lot of Christmas and it isn't even here yet. But it is time! Time to pack up the presents and hit the road! We're spending Christmas with my in-laws this year!