Monday, July 21, 2008

Especially for Grandma

Lorinda, I'm posting this especially for you. I think its darling. I have better/cuter video of Parker trying to "talk" and its so cute because he starts coughing he gets so excited. That's on the real video camera that I don't know how to get on here, this clip is on our regular digital camera. It's cute, and of my Mom singing to him.

Isn't he darling?? I was telling Mark this morning that his cheeks are starting to get out of control. He's getting huge, and if we come in August you might not recognize him.

And here's a shot of our big boy sleeping in his own bed. It was such a hard transition, just for me. Mark was more than ready to get him sleeping in his own room. And I guess Parker was ready because he has slept eight hours a night ever since.

Blue Mountain and Childhood dreams

Well because my last post was so popular I thought I'd give another :)

On the 17th, last thursday I made a trip down to the secretary of state corporate commisions office and registered my first Limited liability company called "Blue Mountain Capital, LLC" which was a big first step for me towards some of the goals I have in life.

Basiclly Blue Mountain Capital LLC is an asset management company to be a parent company of future business purchases. After a lot of thought I named it after Blue Mountain in Grand Terrace, California because of the fact that most of my biggest dreams began there. I remember hiking to the top of it and thinking about the future and I identify grand terrace as the birth place of my entreprenual spirit.

It also looks like I will be leaving Compass bank by the end of August. Christy goes back to work then and a busy fall semester will get started. Were not entirely sure what will happen yet but it might work out that I stay home with parker most of the week. The other option will probably be decided in the up coming weeks. There is an option to purchase a local Nada Auto center, which would allow an option after a few months for christy to stay home.

No matter what happens it would be nice to have some prayers on our behalf to make sure we make wise choices and that we can find comfort as things change quickly around here.

Lastly parker is doing great, he sleeps good and smiles a ton. We have a pretty good routine working for his bedtime at the moment. Talk to you later...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An update

Well its been a while since I've said anything here but a lot has happened so here is a "quick" update.

First of all my sincere appologies to Jason, Deanna broke his heart and he was still pretty nice to her about it. I'm sure however just by being on the show he'll find other opportunities :)

School is back in session... I have a five week Finance 380 class twice a week. I feel VERY prepared for this class and hope it won't add to much stress to my life. The course is basicly a sum of all my hobbies... budgeting, accounting, investing, loan practices and banking and best of all Economics. So I should be good to go. I will be attending school full time this fall so this is just a warm up.

Also we just got back from the Luymes family reunion in Sacramento, CA which was a lot of fun. I was in awe of my cousins and siblings on how much they've grow and stayed good people. I felt a lot older than I used to having parker around to take care of but I was ok will that. I know times together will be less frequent with everybody growing up so it was nice to have the opportnity.

I've been able to see my family quite a bit recently which has been nice. At the birth, blessing and reunion. Considering I don't talk to Cami or Evaly much over the phone but maybe twice a year it was nice to see them and hear about whats going on.

I'll be honest though Cami has reconsidered coming to Arizona and while I would like her to do whats best for her and not come here just because I want her to. I did feel like I could be a better big brother if she was closer... Maybe it's just a big brother thing but I don't want her to feel like I'm not in her corner when she needs me.

Parker is a stud still. I put christy in charge of pictures because I'm not predictable enough :) so get on her if you want more.

As for my typical ranting and raving about economics, politics and foreign policy there's probably to much to write but in summary here's my view, the stock, housing markets will be better soon. No matter the price of Gas if the individual phases it out they'll be better off. Have a good food storage. Get out of Iraq. And there's very little McCain can do to get my vote. But it won't matter anyway most likely Obama will win. Either that or will all be speaking chinese when china cashes in on the 1.8 trillion they loaned us :)

Just kidding... Well sort of... Lifes good, let the market do its thing and study the constitution! Later...