Monday, July 21, 2008

Especially for Grandma

Lorinda, I'm posting this especially for you. I think its darling. I have better/cuter video of Parker trying to "talk" and its so cute because he starts coughing he gets so excited. That's on the real video camera that I don't know how to get on here, this clip is on our regular digital camera. It's cute, and of my Mom singing to him.


Isn't he darling?? I was telling Mark this morning that his cheeks are starting to get out of control. He's getting huge, and if we come in August you might not recognize him.

And here's a shot of our big boy sleeping in his own bed. It was such a hard transition, just for me. Mark was more than ready to get him sleeping in his own room. And I guess Parker was ready because he has slept eight hours a night ever since.


Photography by Evaly said...

Yes- he is darling! Mark, congratulations on the LLC. Sounds pretty exciting- good luck!

The Canciennes said...

He's getting so big! I loved how he smiles when he hears his name.

Brent said...

That is pretty funny. Tell me when he can say Brent or Brento or Waint(that is what Carter used to call me). :)

Lorinda said...

Oh Christy.....that clip is so sweet! A big smile for both Grandmas! Love it! Thank you so much. I love seeing how he has grown and I am so looking forward to seeing him and the both of you in August! Thanks again...he's adorable!

Cambria Marie said...

I watch this video all the time I love it!!