Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This one

(photo by Breanne, May 2012)
When Parker was a baby/toddler, I was worried that the world was going to pass him by and he wouldn't even notice.  He's got so much personality now, that I can laugh at myself for even thinking that.  He went from super relaxed and easy going to having a head full of ideas and opinions that he wants to see carried out.  He's not lacking in confidence, which really makes him one of the coolest four year olds I know (in my very biased opinion).
He's loving preschool and seems happier throughout the whole day.  I think he enjoys a challenge and is feeling accomplished.  Although if you ask him what he did at school he'll say, "We just did nothing".  He loves his teacher, and thanks Heavenly Father for her every night.  She's so sweet, I love her too. 
On his first day, I was reminding him that his teacher, "Ms. Kippie", is the boss (because he tends to think he's in charge).  And when the assistant teacher gave him an instruction, he said, "My Mom says Ms. Kippie is the boss, and I only have to listen to Ms. Kippie, not you". 
Confidence: got it
Respect: need some polish
As far as I can tell they've worked that little wrinkle out, but he finds way to exert control.  This week they had color themes for each day, and the kids were supposed to wear the color of the day.  Each morning Parker asks me, "What color is it today?"  If I say blue, he pulls out a red shirt.  That's how he rolls. 
His confidence worked for him a week or two ago when he gave his first primary talk.  He walked up to the podium like he owned it.  He was talking about things you should and shouldn't do on the Sabbath, and man he was preaching a sermon.  "We do NOT go to the movies on Sunday..."  I couldn't help but laugh, kid had conviction.
That same day, his primary teacher told me he said the closing prayer and he thanked Heavenly Father for the zoo, and then preceded to bless every zoo animal he could think of.  We ate dinner at April's house tonight (Mark's out of town again) and instead of blessing the food, he blessed "the zoo that is so hot".  Kid loves the zoo.  (I got him his first magazine subscription today.  "Zootles" - $10 groupon, check it out.  He's gonna love it!)
Right now, his biggest pet peeve (besides his brother) is litter.  When he sees trash on the ground he has a huge reaction and wants to know WHO committed such an injustice.  I love it.  I hope he never lets any injustice happen right before his eye.
I get it when people say they wish time would stand still, but I am honestly excited to see what is in the future for this kid.  He's got big potentional.  I want to know what he spends his time on in high school, what he majors in, what his career will be.  But that's me... always looking ahead.  For now, we need to be working on a little respect and friendliness.