Sunday, April 20, 2008


For those who were confused about my last post, here's a little clarification. Yes, I composed the music. I have a software program that let's you create the sheet music and then play's it. However it requires some work to the add a singer... I have yet to find a microphone so my entry will probably be without words.

Here comes the clarified part... Since "Mark Dorff" isn't a very good stadge name and most singers use something else for publishing there work I came up with "resisting the sun" as a good band name that fit the music and audience who might enjoy it. IT IS NOT A REAL BAND I just made it up :) While I realize I'm not great by any sense of the word, it's nice to create something...

Also for those who want to know, the baby's room is ready. Christy and I bought the last few things we really need for the labor and after and so it's becoming more real. We also had a birthing class saturday. Were ready :) I think... Anyway excited to say the least. Later.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Here is a sneek peek of my entry to brent's up coming battle of the bands. I'm waiting for a microphone (A possible up coming B-day present) so I can record the lyrics with the music. I hope you like it, it took a few days too do.

My band is called "Resisting the Sun" and this song is called "waiting for love to show".

The Lyrics are:

Waiting for love to show

Where are you? I’m still here.
Can it end this way? I’m so scared.

Am I still breathing?
Am I still breathing?

Where are you? The love you promised gone.
Was it ever there? Now I’m not so sure.

Am I still breathing?
Am I still breathing?

Waiting for love to show.