Thursday, September 18, 2008

I know this post won't be exciting for Evaly or Lorinda
who have already seen the pictures, but everyone else
has to see just how cute Parker is. Mark's sister, Evaly,
took these pictures when we were in California.
Lorinda, I'll be making some prints for my
Mom, would you like some, too? I have taken pictures
recently but they are on the FANTASTIC disposable
cameras we bought, I don't remember what you do with
those. I'll figure it out so I can keep spreading joy by
posting Parker's pictures.


The Higham Family said...

Oh.My.Goodness! What a handsome guy! And he's gotten so big! Good work, you guys!

Karina Marie said...

Hey Dorffs!!
So I saw these pics on FB and just haven't had time to comment, but LOVE them!! sooo cute! Also, I am not sure if someone told you yet, but you not only can you have your disposable cameras developed ( I know, shocker!) but now most places will put them on a pic CD for free or a small fee, which is convenient for putting on your computer. =) PS.. why were you using a disposable? did you forget your camera at home? or did you lose it? b/c I have brand new camera I am trying to sell if you are interested. =D

Lorinda said...

He is so cute! I do want some pictures of Parker boy! Thanks for posting them.

Momma_S said...

He has gotten so BIG! How can you even stnad it? When are you bringing him to visit his grandparents & great Aunt in Texas?
I can hardly wait. Very cute by the way. ~Cheree

Cambria Marie said...

Ok, I seriously tried to post a comment yesterday twice! And it didn't work.. but here I go! I had said that Parker is such a handsome little man and I'm so excited to see him when I can. I miss both you and Mark very much and I hope things are going well for you :) Love ya!

aprilhardy said...

Love love love these pictures. He is such a little man. It's so fun. Dad wants you to send him some, via e-mail and such.

brook said...

he is such a handsome little man!!

Karina Marie said...

Um.. Christy, yah, I forgive you for laughing. I was laughing the whole time. Its just typical of my luck! I was taking pics and txting them to people while in the waiting room. Be glad you didn't get one of those!! LOL!

The Fords said...

Oh my, He has a chin Like Jackson. I think he's starting to look more like your dad. But who knows, they tend to "morph"