Friday, January 9, 2009

Updated: BIG NEWS!!!

Just a random thought... "I was one of those kids who threw a boom-a-rang and it didn't come back."

It Came Back!

Two years ago it was just like any other day, I got up early and got ready for work, ate breakfast and kissed Christy who was still in bed goodbye...

And that is how the worst day of my life started....

I went outside to leave on my scooter (A very blue Yammaha Vino, 125cc) when to my horror it was not where I parked it. I bursted through the front door and awoke Christy. We needed to call the police, the mayor, alert the national guard or something a crime had occured! Somebody stole a piece of me, my beloved scooter!

The story you would think clearly ends there, the police filed a report over the phone, nobody ever called back. Twice I recieved letters asking if the scooter had been found, and to see if they could close the case and update there stats. Each time I was wretched by the memory of what occured that day and replyed it was still missing.

With the support of family and friends I began to recover my feelings of being violated and stolen from. I bought a new scooter and later my motorcycle.

Today we rejoice, Christy and I recieved a call from the Mesa Police department. They found it! They found someone riding around on my scooter! Tonight Christy and I will pick it up and have a very joyful reunion!

Here are two pictures taken literally days before it was stolen and a video that makes me laugh everytime we had so much fun! I would have placed pictures on milk cartons but they reserve that for things like missing kids or some non-sense (that's a joke) Anyway I'll post my feelings about the reunion later, tonight is a time for celebration! We'll slaughter the fatted calf, my scooter has finally come home!

Do you see how happy I was then?

And you HAVE TO watch this clip it is hilareous and of surprisingly good quality! (Sorry no sound but you don't need it to laugh!) This is why my scooter meant so much to me.


Breanne said...

Hadn't visited in a little while. ... That is amazing about your scutor!!

I just looked at those pics that your sister (?) took a little while back of Parker. Those are adorable and such great pics. That beany looks great on him too.
What a stud :)

Have fun with your scutor you two! (Feel like I'm spelling scutor wrong, oh well)

Cambria Marie said...

HAHA! That's great, congrats. That's exciting!

Evaly said...

Amazing! Love the video :)

Cindy Ardis said...

So glad they found it. I wish i could see your face when you see it again. You are very lucky to have it back.

The Canciennes said...

Mark, Mark, Mark. You're too funny.

Exactly how did they find it? What made them stop the guy riding it?

Soooo, what are you going to do with two scooters. We all know Christy has sworn not to ride it again. I think you should save it for Parker. He would "love" to ride that to High School. :)


Lorinda said...

Congratulations on your "baby" being found! Pretty amazing since it never made it on the milk carton...LOL I want to hear why they pulled the guy over too. The scooter looks like it is in perfect shape as well. You are lucky! Christy...better get some riding gloves!