Thursday, January 1, 2009

Because that's what Daddy's do!

We celebrated the holiday's with a mix of family traditions this year, from Christy's side we had a traditional Christmas Eve dinner of a random assortment of treats and opened presents (a few day's early), on my side we went to Knott's Berry Farm and talked around a warm fire. It was a lot of fun, Thanks to everyone who made time to spend with us and for the cards and gifts!

I noticed something after getting out of the house for a few day's. I seemed to really be getting into being a dad. I'm alway's talking, singing or smiling at parker. I was feeding him a few day's ago and realized how much I used songs to play, or get him to eat something he doesn't like.

So for your pure enjoyment (or Not!) I recorded 4 of those songs for you to hear. I'm sure you'll be able to guess which songs are about the food :) Go ahead listen a few times, use them for yourselves and your kids or spouse will be amazed!


Momma_S said...

Isn't amazing the things we do for our kids? I bet a few years ago you never would have believed your top tune would be "Peas are for Parker".It obviously works because he has grown leaps and bounds since I saw him last.I can tell you are a great Dad. Thanks for sharing your tunes.I remember going to Knotts Berry Farm as a kid. I loved it.~Cheree

Brent said...

Ha! You should make a album.

Heather said...

Mark that is awesome! It is funny how when we become parents we just start singing. Whenever my kids were real little if they got upset I just started singing. Now I sing to teach them things. They couldn't remember our phone number so one day in homeschool I sang our phone number to them, now everyone knows it. Singing is awesome! Your a great dad! I hit the play button & then all of a sudden I had 4 kids around me listening. It was cute!

Lorinda said...

Loved it, you cute Daddy, you! You are so fun!