Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ready for 2013

Here are some of my goals for the new year.  I decided to put them here because I'm interested to see what tidbits of information or resources you might have to help my reach my goals.

My number one, most top priority goal is to figure out where Parker will go to kindergarten.  I could do an entire blog post about the headache this has been.  I am so ready to be done.  I've thought about it and stressed over it for months now.  I've been researching everything.  But I've been so discouraged that I haven't actually visited any schools.  I've been hoping that either; one, the right school would just fall in my lap.  Or two, we'd move!  Move to a state that isn't consistently rated worst for education in the nation.

Second priority, update the will.  Why do I procrastinate something so important? 

Then there's my goal to eliminate our use of paper towels and Ziploc bags.  Mark is in opposition.  So I guess my goal should be to get Mark to like the idea of eliminating our use of paper towels and Ziploc bags.

Get pregnant!  Again, going to take some coercion to convince Mark this is a good idea.

I also want to work on cleaning my bathrooms two times a week.  With boys, once a week just isn't enough.

And I also need to figure out what I'm doing with me.  I've felt terribly lost since I quit my job and am wondering what I can do to get Christy back.  Where did she go?

And of course I have the usuals... read more, less time on the phone, more date nights, etc.

Thoughts?  Insights?  Pearls of wisdom I didn't consider?


Team Wyatt said...

Have you considered doing some volunteer work with teens? Maybe get involved with a community group? There are plenty of people that could benefit from your expertise in social work, but wouldn't take up as much time as a career would?

Janalee said...

No, but you just reminded me to update our will! It was created when Damian was a baby, so Julian will be sent to the birds. Such tedium.

Rebel said...

Looks like you & I have a few of the same goals! Let me know how you get Mark's approval to ditch paper towels. SO EXPENSIVE- Andrew is slightly germophobe so he demands their presence in the kitchen at all times.

I hope to be pregnant by Brooklyn's birthday too! Andrew will need some coercion too ;) I think I'm getting some clear signals on baby #2 and Andrew wants to wait. We will see what happens I guess. We could be prego at the same time again :)

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