Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week One Wrap Up

So much for not allowing Saturday to become the day of housework. My first week back and I spend Saturday morning cleaning windows and washing bed sheets. I also had errands to run:

Barbara Ann's Dry Cleaning (where Barbara Ann called my temple dress "dingy")

Costco (where I rudely rushed passed Jana and fam without stopping)

and Target (where......... nope. Nothing interesting happened at Target.)

And I worked less than 20 hours this week.

Mark and I did go to the temple last night. And we did get some swimming and baking in. So still a good amount enjoyment for the weekend.

I digress. Benjamin (or Ben-ja-jin as Parker calls him) is 3 months old today. Although most people think he looks older. I guess when you weigh 15 pounds at 3 months that's what happens.

Parker's starting to take a little more interest in his brother. He's at least noticing when Ben is awake and asleep and says "Hi Baby Ben" every once in a while. (Much improved.)


Janalee said...

Also at Costco today: Pres Stott and Pres Strong. Throw in you and me and it was a real Who's Who all around.

Evaly said...

Wow- Ben looks so much older already! I bet he loves watching Parker play.