Friday, June 17, 2011

Peace out kiddos. It's been real!

Twelve weeks gone by just. like. that. I return to work on Monday. I will miss them. The title of my post does not reflect my true sentiment.

I had a mental list of what I wanted to do during my break. At the top of the list: birth a baby and hold that baby as much as possible. For Parker, my list changed six weeks in. I dropped teaching him to dress himself, use scissors or draw shapes. (I was forced. He's not interested in any of the above.) I changed the goal- learn something new everyday. It's really fun to teach a 3 year old. You feel like the most amazing mother/teacher ever because they learn so easily. Little sponge I tell ya.

We filled our days with zoo trips, story times, museum visits, swimming, cooking, indoor play grounds, and every community event I could fine. I'm so excited I won't be working Friday's anymore so we can continue to be out and about.

I've heard people who warn against SIDS say, "Mothers bond with their babies when they are awake. Not when they are asleep." I beg to differ. Mid-day naps with Baby Ben are at the top of my list of things I will miss while working.

Another thing at the top of the what I will miss list is having time during the week to do laundry, housework, and grocery shopping. I didn't realize how much our little family was missing out on by filling our Saturdays with chores.

I have two goals moving forward: 1. Continue to learn something new everyday.

2. Don't let Saturdays become the day of housework.

I also hope I can find time to continue scrapbooking. I have so many pictures of Handsome Ben I need to scrap!

Case in point:


Rebel said...

P.S. I love that Ben looks just like you. AND, I am in love with the image of Parker making cupcakes :)

Stuart and Nicole said...

I still sleep with Kohen a lot and LOVE it!!! (Even when he kicks me/spread out/pees on my bed... you get the picture) But we have definitely bonded much more because of it. Some of my most touching moments have been while sleeping/snuggling in bed.

Evaly said...

Beautiful pics! I loved napping with my babies too!

Bianca said...

It takes a lot of work during the week to not do chores on Saturday. But if you have Fridays off, that helps a lot! Wow, 12 weeks! That's awesome! I have 6 weeks. I can imagine all the things we could be doing if I had 6 more weeks... Glad you had an awesome maternity leave!