Sunday, May 25, 2008

Two weeks old!

It feels like Parker has been here two days, not two weeks. But either way I love him so much and am so glad he's here. I don't miss being pregnant at all!

Parker is still an all star baby. He started sleeping consistent three hour blocks this week, and last night he gave me one four hour block. It was so nice... I felt good enough to go to sacrament meeting with Mark this morning. It was fun to take him and have everyone eww and ahh over him.

So our little family is doing great. It looks like we'll all be feeling well enough to attend the family reunion in Tennesse this next weekend!

I'll add some pictures of our little two week old for your enjoyment!


Cambria Marie said...

What cute little guy! I can't wait to see you guys on Fathers Day :) Love you!

The Canciennes said...

He's so cute. It looks like he's changing so much already

brook said...

parker is such a handsome boy! congrats again!

Lorinda said...

He's adorable! He does look more like Mark in the new pictures. I can't wait to see you all for the blessing on the 22nd! Hope you are having lots of fun in Tennessee!
Love, Mom

Brent said...

I can wait to see him for real. He is so cute

Cambria Marie said...

Christy! I did not know you guys were coming to the reunion.. I did hear some rumors.. but wow! I am so excited, and I'm going to be hogging him basically the whole time. I am so excited, I think that made my day!!