Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One Month Update

So Parker is now one month and two days. Today we visited the doctor for a well baby and all is well! He weighs 10.4 lbs and is 22 and 1/4 inches. He grew an inch and a quarter in 3 weeks. They found that impressive...

Of course, Dr. Ardis, checked Parker out in Tennessee too. (See picture below) It was the second night of our vacation and Parker was a little irritable so I asked Bryan to adjust him. Parker was totally calm during his "C1 on the right and C7 on the left" adjustment. So the baby that had been fussing for a while, got really calm and slept 5 hours. The longest he's ever done for us. It worked a second time that week too. He hadn't slept all morning and wasn't really interested in eating either. I asked Bryan to adjust him... he ate a good meal, then slept four hours. (I have a chiropractor here I saw throughout the pregnancy Parker sees. He's even going to try to come to the baby blessing because he went to chiropractic school with Bryan and would like to see him.)

(Bryan adjusting him.)

(This is part of the adjustment. Which ever leg Bryan holds is the way Parker should turn his head. And that tells them... something about the neck? I think its how he verified he had infact aligned everything after he adjusted him.

That obviously wasn't all there is to discuss with our trip. It was a lot of fun and its actually harder being home than being there. I had so much help. I got long breaks, and got to do activities there. At home, I can't get the dishes done and its work to get my teeth brushed before 3:00 in the afternoon. But as it is with all vacations, you have to get back to reality at some time.

Here Parker is on his first plane ride. We took a total of 5 planes getting too and from Tennessee and this is how he was for all of them. We were able to wake him up enough for each time we took off and landed except for two times. But those two times didn't seem to bother him.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip. The only thing that annoyed me about our trip was fighting off little neices and cousins that were ALWAYS asking to hold and "pet" him.

I didn't actually take very many pictures there. So when I get some in from family members I'll post them. But here's one more. He's laying on the bed with Mark but I'm posting it because there is a debate on if Parker is losing his hair or if his head is getting bigger. Either way he looks like a balding man with a receiding hair line. I loved his head of hair! But what's your input? Balding or growing?


The Canciennes said...

I don't know. He looked like he lost hair by the end of the week. Kaelyn is super excited about her baby brother now. Even more than before. She felt him kick for the first time yesterday morning. She loved it.

Lorinda said...

Well....since Mark became a baldy boy around 3 months, I'm guessing he's a losin' it! But the good news is that it'll grow back and who knows maybe it'll come back RED! LOL...he looks so much bigger! Excited to see him again.

Cambria Marie said...

Mom, stop wishing.. lol.. Maybe the next grandbaby.. Come Christy.. get working on that. lol. He looks so big and long! So fun.. you need to post more fun pictures, especially from the blessing etc!

The Higham Family said...

I havent looked at your blog in a while- it's good to see you guys again! I think he's losin it- but as previously mentioned, it will come back! Sure miss you guys.