Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cannon Update

So, everyone always asks how our spoiled little pooch is adjusting to thew new little guy. He is, surprisingly, doing better than anyone would have ever thought.

Here he is guarding Parker while he sleeps. When we take Parker on walks he barks at anyone that comes around us. (He didn't do that before when we would walk him.)

Everyone that knows Cannon has noticed how he has mellowed out. He's really calm now, I know hard to believe. In the mornings, he pops up on the side of the bed, wagging his tail, waiting to sniff the baby. And, if I'm holding/feeding Parker Cannon usually just sits there beside us. He doesn't throw toys in my lap as he was ALWAYS doing before.

We do kind of feel bad for him. While we love his new mild temperment, we're sure he's gaining weight because we're definitely not playing with him or walking him as much. I feel like we're taking advantage of him being such a good boy.

I have the most wonderful boys in my life. The best husband, best son, and best puppy.