Friday, October 14, 2011

This is Ben

He's 6 months old. And probably one of the smiliest babies you've ever met. Unless, he's mad. Then he could probably be the maddest baby you've ever met. (Confusing? Yeah, I know. Funny how the same baby that is so easy to get to smile, is so easy to tick off.)

About a month ago he learned to sit.

And then the next day he started to do what we call the "crawl and lunge".

See the scooting of the knees below:

And then when the arms aren't cooridinated to move with the knees you lunge:

It's working for him. He gets around. Around everywhere.

And like I said, it's been about a month and those arms are showing no sign of getting on board with a coordinated crawl, so I'm thinking the crawl and lunge is here to stay.