Monday, May 16, 2011

What's your favorite Dr. Suess book?

Parker was in the bathroom without the lights on, and as he's sitting on the potty I hear. "Say! In the dark? Here in the dark? Could you, could you, in the dark?" Parker continued, "I NOT in the dark! Not in a train, not in a tree, Sam LET ME BE!"

How cute is that?

Every night we read the same three books: Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and Hop on Pop.

"Parker which book do you want to read?"

"Cat in the Hat by Dr. Suess". (He always includes "by Dr. Suess" ever since his studious Uncle Brent read it to him.)

His favorite is Green Eggs and Ham (can quote almost the whole thing). But MY favorite is Hop on Pop.

"Where is Brown. There is Brown. Mr Brown is out of town." (as you see Mr. Brown soaring across the page.) And also, "That thing can sing. That thing can sing a long long song. next page -> Goodbye thing. You sing too long."

Seriously. If you haven't read Hop on Pop in a while, you should. I laugh out loud while reading it.

How's that for a book review, Jana?


Janalee said...

It's a great start!

I love Cat in the Hat so much. I love the rythym (sp) of it and saying all of the lines with feeling. I definitely have most of it memorized but couldn't read the whole thing straight from memory.

All-time favorite line is: I said, "with my net I can get them I bet. I bet with my net I can get those things yet!"

Also love the First of Octember and Wacky Wednesday. The Cat in the Hat Came Back is a winner too.

You're right, they're funny - you laugh more at them as an adult than as a kid. As a kid you're more enchanted by the pictures and the silly story.

Stuart and Nicole said...

Aw that is adorable!!! I haven't seen Parker since he was a newborn. :( He sounds like such a cute lil guy!

Breanne said...

Stunning book review.

... How cool that he can memorize all of that!
I love Mr. Brown & Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb (my dad is a drummer & used to chant it to us playing the drums on his thighs, our backs, the book, the walls, whevever). This post makes me want to go out & buy the whole Seuss collection!

Breanne said...


Evaly said...

I like Hop on Pop too- because it's a quick read! I like bedtime stories that are short :)

What a precious pic!

Bianca said...

I like Hop on Pop too. But I also love our Tickle Monster book. It's so cute. Also "There was a Coyote who swallowed a flea..." and "Goodnight Moon" is James' favorite followed by "Snow."

PlayingCool said...

I love Green Eggs & Ham and it's nice to see some kids really taking the Suess books in because they're so wacky but just great!