Saturday, March 28, 2009

I guess its going to happen sometime

It's really out of Parker's nature to be to difficult sleeping through the night, but last night this is how it was at our house.
We had a power outage that woke him up around 9 pm, and he was so spooked that I couldn't calm him down for anything. Eventually he fell asleep on my chest after nearly two hours of crying. Poor kid.


April Hardy said...

That sucks! Was the power out because of all the wind from the day before? Autumn hasn't had a night like that in a while but it's fresh on my mind how frustrating it can be. They are so tired and their little bodies can't cope and relax enough to just fall back asleep. Hopefully tonight is better!

Cindy Ardis said...

That's so sad. Parker never cries, so when he does it just breaks your heart, because you know its something pretty bad. I didn't know he knew how to cry!!!!
That picture is so funny.

Lorinda said...

Aw....that is rough when the baby and the daddy can't sleep! No fun at all! How did a power outage wake him up though?