Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dueling Match Up – Who Would Win???

I am extremely troubled by the way government has behaved lately, maybe they feel they are just acting out the frustrations of the people however comments like executives should "resign… and commit suicide” is professionally uncalled for. Since Government insists on taking on AIG and the Greedy Evil Corporate Executives I thought we’d match them up and see who wins. This should be FUN!

ROUND I – Fuel to the fire

Sure AIG should have seen the public whiplash coming from handing out millions to executives didn’t they watch what happened to Merrill Lynch? Congress has this round with plenty of people out of work, and losing homes it’s easy to light the fire on a few dozen people nobody knows anything about except they made a lot of money this year when there company went belly up.

ROUND II – Private Jets

Obviously we’ve learned that if you want to get money out of the government you better carpool to Washington. Most of the corporate executives are relearning the art of traveling couch or finding a new job. Apparently however the 500+ members of the house and senate don’t need to be as frugal considering they increased there own spending limits in the last “stimulus” bill they pushed through. Would you like a pillow Mrs. Pelosi? Corporate wins this round although they probably wouldn’t want to.

FINAL ROUND – Wasting money

AIG wanted to spend $168 million in bonuses, that’s bad right? Well depends, out of the $170 billion they received those bonuses were less than one tenth of one percent. Just a few weeks ago Government gave away somewhere between $3.8 - 12.8 billion in nearly 9,000 earmarks. Even if you took the low number that’s over 22 times what AIG wanted to spend. I think corporate knocks government out.

Outcome: Corporate - 2 vs. Government – 1

The Winner is… nobody. The Loser is all of us. No matter who wins this mud throwing and saber rattling we are all still fronting the bill. I do find it ironic that congress would act so outlandishly to such a small amount comparatively speaking. Maybe it’s so all the news networks stop pointing out congress oversight and blunders. Either way shame on them both, let’s move on to that Hope and Change we were talking about…


The Fords said...

I think I would be upset if I loaned someone money just to find out they were spending it loosely. By the way, aren't bonuses based on productivity? How can a company hand out productivity bonuses if they had to be bailed out by the government? Obviously people weren't doing their jobs to earn a bonus. And if bonuses are "guaranteed" in their contracts, then it should be part of their salaries. Besides, you get taxed more on bonuses. I don't claim to know a lot about politics, and I surely don't understand money that well either. This is just how the whole mess looks to me.

Mark said...

Right on! I agree with your point, for us nomal people who just get a pay check every other week its impossible to justify doing a worrible job and still getting a huge bonus.

The problem in my mind surrounds the fact that we "trust" congress to be better about handing out money than these "bad" banks did and look what is happening. I don't see much of a difference but maybe that's just me...

Cindy Ardis said...


Larry and Karri said...

Yeah - it's crazy what's going on right now w/ our government but it's so comforting to know that God is still in charge no matter what happens.

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

So i just have to say i love the blog!
Loves, Cousin Heidi Richhart