Saturday, November 22, 2008

Welcome to the "Big Box"

(It's been a few weeks since this happened but it still cracks me up, so I hope you enjoy!)

Christy and I decided we could save some money if we got a Costco Membership. They tried to upsell us to the premium membership but if I wanted that kind of treatment, I'd go to a normal grocery store.

Anyway we filled out the application and gave the lady our ID's. After paying our fee we were taken to the end of the counter to take pictures. Christy was first and nothing funny worth mentioning happened. Then we did the baby swap and I got into position. Then before she takes the picture this dialogue occurs:

Lady: "So your name is Marla right?"
Me: "Um... no, It's Mark."
Lady: "Oh, I was going to say that's an interesting name... I better fix that."

So while I stand there waiting for her to fix my name another worker comes over and sees me and the notorious "wrong name" card still in the printer. She takes my picture with me unprepared then asks the orginal lady what I was waiting for. (Clearly this could have been done in a different order)

(Lady2 takes picture)
Lady2: "What was this guy waiting for?"
Lady1: "His name is wrong on that card."
(Lady2 picks up the card and reads the name)
Lady2: "Oh... Dorff?!"
(Lady2 laughing)
Me: "No... that part is actually correct."
(Lady2 stops laughing)

We laughed at it for a minute, took the real picture and went on our way to Big Box store heaven but I keep laughing at this because my whole life it seems people respond to my last name like it's a question "Dorff?" just to make sure they heard it right. Some of you can relate and others have the same problem but it's just another reason to laugh through life.

Christy says that if I want comments I should end with a picture of parker. So for all you Parker lovers out there here are a bunch of great pictures "Aunt Amee" took of Parker when she came to visit "eat your heart out"


The Canciennes said...

that is so hilarious!! I bet she felt retarded!

April Hardy said...

Ha ha!! Mark Barff! Get used to it. :)

amee said...

So funny!! That's the best story I've heard in a long time! Thanks for sharing, even if it was at your own expense! :)

Lorinda said...

Well, Mark DORFF I can relate....but always bear in mind you could have been a Schlegelmilch! Loved, loved, loved the pics of Parker. I can't believe how much hair he has now. Such a cutie! And yes, Mark, Christy is right...that's how to generate comments...use that babe magnet thing...remember that term?

Evaly said...

He's such a doll! I loved the story too- I'm glad I have a "normal" name now :)

Cambria Marie said...

hahaha Mom you're funny. Yes I can relate.. I have told mom that if I'm not married by the time I'm 30, I'm changing my last name ;) lol jk..maybe haha.

Parker is such a chunk and completely adorable! I miss him to pieces - Amee you did a great job! Have a great Thanksgiving you guys!

brook said...

AWWWWWWW.....parker is adorable!! i love when he sucks that lower lip. i just wanna hug the little guy!! (even though i still haven't met him.....)

also, that story is HILARIOUS. i actually laughed out loud. dont worry i get it all the time....the worst is when you say your name tho...i get "door," "dorss," and "dwarf" all before the get to dorff.

Breanne said...

The story alone was definitely worth commenting on - that made me laugh! But Parker IS adorable too :)

What was the Lady #2's reaction like?