Thursday, November 20, 2008

Service Oriented

I've always loved when I'm in the car and I see people in their cars laughing, singing, playing air guitar, or air drums. It ususally puts me in a good mood for at least the duration of my drive.

(I remember right before Mark's mission, I had just dropped him off at the airport. I was thinking about not seeing him again for two years and I was crying so hard I almost couldn't breathe. But at a red light I looked over and saw two older ladies (that looked like best friends or maybe even sisters) just crackin up. Whole hearted... I mean something was really funny in that car. It made me laugh out loud and then made me think about all the people I had in my life that I would be able to have fun with while Mark was away.)

Anyway... so today I completed a small act of service. I raced down the 202 singing my little heart out to Across the Universe . Oh, I was feelin' the beat and everything.

So to all those who traveled down the 202 Westbound with me... YOU'RE WELCOME.


Larry and Karri said...

Nice of you to spread some cheer to your fellow drivers on the road. :) I also enjoy seeing other people having a good time in their cars!

Sarah said...

So I sing and dance all the time in the car, so now I can think of it as a service! Thanks for the tip!!