Tuesday, March 4, 2008

belly pictures

Christy and I have been trying to get our camera to work for a while now but we've are returning it to the manufacture because it seems to be a hardware issue. So that's why the pictures of us, and christy's belly haven't come. Maybe we can figure something out for the time being so you can see how big christy is. She has gain only a few pounds but her belly sticks out bigtime :)



just me said...

that's funny, my camera is being retarded too! good luck!

Photography by Evaly said...

Don't you know you are supposed to say "she looks great and tiny little belly is darling and perfect" :) Good luck with camera problem. Come visit and I'll take some pics :)

Cambria Marie said...

You punk! I tried calling you the other day! Anyway, I had to laugh at your post on my blogspot. However, I actually am considering moving to AZ after school, or when I'm almost done with school.. Because you're right, Mom does go out there a lot, and they will a lot more when baby Parker arrives! But I would probably try to get a place outside of Scottdale/Phoenix area.. where do you live?