Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our recipe for a no fuss Thanksgiving

Low key. That's how we roll over here. Thanksgiving was the 4 of us this year, so we lounged around, took naps, and when we got hungry had a turkey dinner with about 150 people (that we don't know) at Cracker Barrel.

After dinner, we went to golfland where Parker played miniature golf for the first time. I'm surprised it's taken us this long to take him. Mark and I did this all the time in our pre-kid years.

I lasted about 8 holes. I couldn't exactly see the ball. We were the only ones out there, so there was no embarassment to be had when Parker started climbing and jumping all over everything. He made it through about 12 holes before he lost interest.

Golfland has a "Winter Wonderland" course that's all decked out with Christmas decorations. Not holiday decorations, Christmas decorations. I enjoyed it, I was just surprised. Anything religious is usually shunned from business. They even had a nativity.

I really enjoyed Thanksgiving this year. It doesn't get more relaxing than that. Next year though! That'll be my year! I vow to cook my first Thanksgiving dinner. Bring on the stress and the expense of Thanksgiving dinner.


Kristine said...

Ha ha! Nice, I never thought I could imagine a low key Thanksgiving, but today it was just me, Allen, my mom and dad and Grandpa. Jeanette and her family came over later. I'm glad you guys found a way to enjoy yourselves. Happy Thanksgiving Christy!!! I hope I'll see you in January :)

Bianca said...

I really wanted to invite everyone to BYOM - bring your own microwave. Then I could slap a Hungry Man thanksgiving tv dinner in front of them. Ready in 6 mins! Ha! Could you imagine???

Maybe next year :p

Rebel said...

I bet once I don't live near someone who cooks Thanksgiving for us... this will be our fate :D lol. I love you guys! Looked fun!

Janalee said...

I'm trying to think when I did my first thanksgiving dinner all by myself. It was I believe 3 years ago. so we'd been married about 13 years. You get a certain satisfaction doing the whole thing yourself for the first time. "You never forget your first time"


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