Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boys... a sigh of relief

Parker's been couped up a lot, he needed to burn some energy and it's too hot for the park ... all my excuses for filling my waffle fry and lemonade craving. Little did I know, I would be so intrigued by the happenings within the Chick-fil-A play place that I haven't been able to stop thinking about our lunch outing all afternoon.

A set of three siblings entered the play place and I smiled when I saw them because they. looked. good. The boys had on boat shoes, plaid shorts, collared shirts, were sporting faux hawks (admittedly, the hawks are cute on little boys but I do have opinions on standards of modesty for boys so my boys will never have them.) Their older sister had gold blingy sandals, rolled up denim shorts, and aviators propped up on her head. She looked like a diva and had the sass to match.

She made friends with each girl that came in, and then moments later each new friendship dramatically ended. I couldn't help but relish in the fact that I had two boys. Ah the ease... I was quite the bossy, emotional filled little girl myself. And I imagine having a daughter who is the same way will only bring out that side of me. I think I'm a better fit for sons.

So as I'm thinking of all the reasons I'm glad Heavenly Father gave me two boys, this said little girl walks by and I notice she's not a natural blonde! And those are some quality highlights! Professional, for sure! When her nanny walked out of the play place I asked her how old she was. "Six". I about fell off the bench. No worries though, I played it cool.

"You're hair is really pretty."

"I straightened it today."

Really? Really! Really?. Who's teaching this girl about beauty? It's terribly sad, that she's six and she woke up thinking, "I need to straighten my hair today. Are my roots showing?"

When/if I have a daughter how am I going to convince her beauty isn't highlights, bling, and aviators? Especially when I myself smiled and took note of how adorable this girl was when she walked into the play place completely owning it.

I'm totally spooked by these six-year-old's highlights. Please tell me my boys will be ignorant to this definition of beauty until they're at least 25. I don't want them being seduced in grade school by highlights and trendy clothing.


Jared and Parker- may they always be this easy


Kristine said...

I had those same thoughts a few weeks ago. I was at a post race concert and this little girl (9ish) was dancing a little too "advanced" for her age. Thank heaven for my little boy :) Now it's up to us to teach our boys what real beauty is ;)

Evaly said...

Oh, man- that's crazy! I'm amazed at how many moms take their girls to get their nails and toes done. My friend took her daughter to get her first pedicure- for her 3 year old birthday! She got the little flowers and everything. My girls aren't even allowed to use nail polish yet! Life is so much simpler when all they need is a fresh diaper :) Cute pic of the boys! We can't wait to see you!

Heather said...

It is VERY scary what these little kids are subjected to these days. At 6 Savanah came home saying she needed an Ipod Nano. What?? Where did you hear about an Ipod Nano. I don't even have one. Now she, at 7, is convinced she needs an Iphone. I don't even have one of those either and I am 37. And because of what their friends wear they don't want the clothes if it doesn't have bling. It is insane!

April Hardy said...

I paint Autumns nails/toenails and see no issue with that. I am not a blingy person, no rhinestones, flashy sequins...not my style, so while I am the one buying the clothes Autumn won't be "blinging it". I love having a girl, and I love the pink, the frilly...it's why I pierced her ears at 6 months, and why I fix her hair everyday (and I am guilty of using the hair straightener, the 3 barrel roll, curling irons, and hair products). Girls are sooo much fun. But if at 6 years old (which is only 2 years away for us) she came up to me requesting highlights I will laugh and talk to her about how beautiful her hair is, and if she asks to use my straight iron on a day when the nanny has her and they're going to chic-fil-a- I will deny her request. But if it's church, picture day at school, or a wedding and she has some waves or her hair isn't cooperating, absolutely she can use it.

paula said...

Teaching your child, boy or girl, that true beauty comes from within is one of the most important things we can teach them. They way they take care of themselves inside and out is also important. I loved fixing Kevra's hair, painting the nails and dressing her cute. That is one of the fun parts of being a girl. And as long as that is not how she identifies herself, do it. But professional toes and highlights on a child, waste of money and values.

Boys, delightful. Trying to get them to wear something that matches? Challenging. None of my boys have been that concerned about if they had the right clothes or hair. Clean, unwrinkled, don't clash, hair combed? Yes, that's what we work on:)

Lorinda said...

Yea, boys are great and you have two adorable ones! Boys don't care much about how they look (unless Mom intervenes) which is a refreshing difference from the girls... though admittedly, it can be a real challenge to get those pre-teen boys to use soap, shampoo and deodorant!