Monday, June 1, 2009


We're home from Hawaii!! You can tell we had a good time because Parker and I both slept in until 11:00! (and Parker still has sand in his ears) I've got some great pictures I want to share, but I feel there are some other noteworthy posts that need to happen first. Like this one:


To tell the complete truth, Mark has a few more classes to finish up this summer. But when you graduate in the summer, they allow you to participate in May graduation, since there is no summer one. Its taken him so long, and he's worked so hard, I was really glad he decided to walk. And of course, we got to hear our candidate of choice at the commencement. But you all know what he looks like, I don't need to post his picture. Another tid bit, Hugh Downs was the key note at his convocation. Pretty cool.)

Mark's parents came from California for the convocation.
His little brother came too, but I don't have a picture of him. Brent, where were you?

Mark learned economic theory; Parker learned there's a hole in his head:

Congratulations Baby! Now the real test: the job hunt. Good Luck...


The Canciennes said...

congratulations Mark!

April Hardy said...

Mark we are proud of you too! Wish we could have been there. Glad your parents made it.

Karina Marie said...

I hate you for going to hawaii... jk!! also, i have a pic of the twins with fingers up their noses.. and of brent and all of you, i should have sent them to you sooner!sorry!! i was thinking i would just let you upload them like i did with Ken and Lorinda, but we've all been too busy.. you went to hawaii.. and i've been here hating you for being there. =D

Evaly said...

Congratulations Mark! I love your little Hawaiian family picture on the side- so cute! It was good to see you, thanks for waiting for us. Hope you weren't too dead driving home!

Heather said...

Yeah Mark! I am so excited for you guys. And hope you find a job in TEXAS! so I can be by little man & ya'll of course.
Can't wait to hear about Hawaii & see the pictures. Hope ya'll had as much fun as we did, with warmer weather. I recognize the place where you took the family picture. So cute with the matching shirts!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mark! what a achievement. So proud of you!
Loves, Cousin Heidi-

P.s. hey i think you and i have a birthday coming up in about 12 days for me and i think 13 days for you! your birthday is on the 27th of june right?