Saturday, April 18, 2009

Warren Buffet

It was almost four months ago when I unwrapped this biography of Warren Buffet that my mom thoughtfully picked out. I flipped through the pages and noticed very few pictures and thought to myself I would probably never finish this.

For those who know me the focus of finishing any book is a challenge unless it captivates all of my interests (or at least the strongest ones) and until today that list has consisted of mostly smaller books. Four months and 838 pages later (while still keeping up with my textbooks) I finished my largest "recreational" read ever.

I wouldn't consider Buffet to have a role model life but he is a decent business man who had solid time proven advice. I couldn't summarize it into anything of substance here but would point out that the interest that consumed me most was the eerie similarities of both of us making every thought into something related to business starting as a young child.

After reading this book and reading about the "other" people who put up with this obsession about Warren, I have to apologize to my "others" my parents, sisters and childhood friends who put up with me wanting to play nothing but "jobs" which really meant they worked and I made the money :) Being around someone like that can be too much, so thanks for putting up with me... (as if you had a choice right Evaly?) Hopefully it pays off to even a fraction of what buffet did. I know that's what Christy is hoping considering she chose me after knowing I was wired that way.

I've already promised to pass this on to Mike S. since he and I share the same business disorder. But when he's done let me know if your interested. Anybody here already read this?


Karina Marie said...

LOL!!! as a participant in these games i can attest i always had fun.. though, i didn't get subjected nearly as often as Evaly, being a few thousand miles away! and, as i had no siblings to play with back at home, i was prob just grateful to have someone to play with who actually talked back... stuffed animals and dolls are SOO only one sided conversation! =D

Evaly said...

Way to go with reading that LONG book! We made you play "house" and Barbies too :) You should read The Alchemist next (by Paulo Coelho). I just read it and it was very interesting. It's fictional, but the kind of book that you learn from. It's super short too!

brook said...

i, as your cousin, was subjected to several torturous "jobs" games where you were the evil banker, and cami, janel, and i were you little workers. you always promised to pay us back, but never followed through...hmm...hope you're not such a ruthless real-life business man as you were when we played. and i also hope you don't cheat as much as you did when you were the banker in "life." that could be bad....

Cindy Ardis said...

You should write a book. I've heard about your childhood games of owning busnesses and making your friends and siblings work for you and then never paying them. I think it would be interesting.