Monday, December 15, 2008

Check your reflexes

Like many other American’s I was proud to see our president “bob and weave” avoiding size 10 shoes flying at his face out of mere instinct. Could you imagine that picture if a shoe had smacked the middle of his face? That would have been damaging to the American image. Before you know it, rouge nations around the world would be hurling shoes at Americans taking advantage of our poor reflexes. Nevertheless, our president held his own.

The whole incident reminded me of a Friend’s clip of Joey vs. Ross. I scoured the whole internet to find you it so you better watch it! While there are a bunch of joke’s during the clip I just love Ross’s deer in the head lights faces as they remind me of my own lack of reflexes :)


amee said...

Thanks Mark!!!! I love Friends! I hope you work on your reflexes so that doesn't happen to you! =)

Tanya and Chris said...

So what did I miss that I don't know what you're talking about with the Pres. and do you mean
Bush or Obama?

Cindy Ardis said...

Tanya, Bush is our President.
Funny you found that Friends clip.

Scott A. said...

Ha, that's a hilarious clip. Lynette and I love watching Friends. It's great.

brook said...

on a random note, my roommates have friends scene-it, and my one roommate got all around the board in about 5 minutes while the rest of us had gotten a measly one or two squares....pathetic.