Sunday, November 2, 2008

Not afraid to Dream

After waiting nearly a month to reveal my vote, Christy found out this morning and as she asked me why I made that choice, I told her I would post briefly the main reason here. So please vote your own conscience but for those interested here is my reason for why I voted for Barack Obama.

After tirelessly listening to the two different campaigns, I became increasingly dissatisfied by my choices and very seriously considered writing in “Ron Paul” for president not because I wanted Ron Paul to make a comeback but because I wanted a founding father, a president that would cradle the constitution and restore its strength at home and abroad.

It wasn’t until I decided that a president could be something more than a father of the constitution that I changed my mind and left the virtue of the constitution to the battle in congress.

I know very little about JFK or the policies he stood for, who he was as a man, or a father. Yet I know he was not afraid to dream… His dreams took us to the moon and back and gave us a vision for the future of America that was brighter and stronger than we could have ever imagined. People wept at his murder and responded by working with there minds and hands to make those dreams a reality. His life marked a change in vision and leadership.

I may disagree with some of Obama’s policies and may be very critical of his decisions as they relate to economics and social policy. However, I do see a quality in him that reflects a brighter and stronger future for every American that will live beyond his candidacy, a generation, or a lifetime. Obama is NOT AFRAID TO DREAM and neither am I.


Scott A. said...

Great post.

Lynette said...

Agreed. And this may be the only time EVER that Scott and I agree on something:)

Karina Marie said...

I hate to tell you this, but I thought it might amuse you. So, your post is totally what made me vote for McCain. I was pretty much Obama until then. Isn't that deranged? Yes, I know, but can't ignore the gut. I truly admire Obama as a leader and think you are right that he has the ability, desire to dream. But, it was this that made me realize that was what I admired most about him, and why I wanted to elect him. It wasn't policy/procedure/or plan based at all. And while I agree and disagree with both him and McCain, on paper McCain represented more of what I wanted from the government. That said, I also had no doubts of Obama's election, and know that whatever he does, it will be interesting and I am more than willing to enjoy the ride. =)