Sunday, November 9, 2008

As a newborn Parker displayed a certain characteristic:

It disappeared for a few months:

And now is back with a vengeance:

He is always sucking on his bottom lip!
As you can see, even if you make him smile
the lip doesn't come out.
I think its endearing and don't want it to stop.


Lorinda said...

Interesting...Brent sucked his tongue as a newborn. Very interesting....but he is as cute as ever! I love the look of your blog and especially all the pictures of Parker. I'm going to have to steal the picture of Parker dressed as an acorn and put it on my blog.
Love to you all!

Janalee said...

Why do I always want to call your baby Lincoln? He looks like a Lincoln.

aprilhardy said...

I think it's cute too! It's something we can always tell him we remember about his infancy. Every baby has their thing, and besides Parkers blow outs he has his bottom lip sucking.

Larry and Karri said...

How cute! Randy used to do that a ton too, but he stopped recently. I don't remember if I got any photos of him doing that or not - but I think it's good you did! It's fun to notice all the little changes our little guys go through.

Christy said...

I LOVE the name Lincoln! We thought about it for Parker, well I thought about it. Mark vetoed it. So what your saying is I was right??

brook said...

sooo adorable!!