Monday, October 20, 2008

Talk on sunday

Christy and I have a speaking assignment this sunday. We've both been thinking about the topic "Feasting on the scriptures" a lot and hopefully we can put together good talks.

I'm pretty sure this week is the halfway mark through the school semester and I don't know about you but I'm feeling it. As my past has shown the next 4-6 weeks are usually pretty gruling for me to stay focused, motivated and interested. I am optimistic though I will continue to do well.

Thanks to Evaly & Nathans's Birthday present to christy we should be able to post some fun video we've taken of parker lately as soon as Christy finds the time to do it :)


Karina Marie said...

I am totally there!! Wait.. am I allowed to be there? =)

brook said...

good luck on your talks! i can't wait to see a vid of the little handsome guy

Scott A. said...

Your talks were great. Your point's of view on a potentially boring subject made coming to church a delight last week.