Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Because everybody needs to know...

During the Frnch and Indian war in the early americas, Benjamin Franklin presented a cartoon with a snake cut into eight parts. With the following 3 words in hard bold print, JOIN or DIE. Now is not the time to be divided on an issue of such great importance. Our strength is in our united voice as we stand for truth.

I heard about a world wide fast on sunday for california's Prop 8, the most challenged of the state presented amendments. I just thought I would invite others who may read here to get involved even if not in california and offer a video for those who want to see what the consequences could be as they have begun to appear back east.

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aprilhardy said...

A world wide fast? Wow. That's awesome. I can fast for about 3 hours. :) I will make sure Drew remembers. Thanks for your comments... and it is very scary to see what has already happened back east. It's sad that my kids can't grow up in a world like I did (makes me sound old...).