Monday, August 25, 2008

My first day of school... for the hundreth time.

ASU goes back to school today, I start todays classes around 3:30 and finish around 9 pm. This semester I have one of my classes at the downtown phoenix campus which I hope won't be to annoying.

It looks like I'll be taking 18 credits in the fall, and spring and hopefully a class during the winter break. That will leave me 5 elective credits short of graduating with my BA in Economics and my minor in Business. If possible I'll do an internship over the summer and some other elective and hopefully the school will let me graduate in May! We'll just have to wait and see how things play out.

Parker gets bigger by the minute... Christy can't believe she's not going back to school with me and were heading to California for the labor day weekend. later...


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Lorinda said...

Okay...that's weird! How come the one comment was a sales promo? I've never seen that before! Christy! Thank you so much for the card and the cute picture of Parker. He looks sooo big! And he looks more like Mark too. Mark, congratulations on your "hundredth" first day of school! I hope it won't be too grueling of a semester for you and maybe as you get farther along it will be more interesting...
Really looking forward to your visit. We are still looking for you late Thursday night? We will set up the porta-crib in the grandchildren's bedroom for Parker. Brent can sleep on a couch which is more comfortable than the bed in that room. See you soon!

Cambria Marie said...

I talked to Evaly last night and she was saying that Parker is massive, extremely smiley and adorable! lol. Where are the pictures? I need to see my chunky nephew! Please post some pictures of him!