Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Well I found out that on 2 of my midterms I a got a 'C-' ... I am really unhappy about this. Two reasons REALLY bug me, first economics is my subject, I like it a lot, I feel like I understand it and it makes sense. So that's first of all very frustrating.

Secondly I'm paying almost three times what I was at the community college for these classes and yet these grades aren't worth a dime because of the letter... Everybody keeps telling me to just play the game but seriously do you tell a gambler to keep playing the slots? Sure he may win someday but only after he's wasted most of his time and money.

Yesterday a teacher spent seriously 15 minutes talking about how we could recover from a terrible grade on our midterm (Because more than half the class bombed it) Seriously? Is this class just a game to him? Why is a strategy needed to pass his class? This isn't a game, your ruining lives! And in my case a C is a death sentence to law school. But at this point I'm not sure I want to go play in that game. I'll make my money doing something else like playing Bingo, my odds are just as good.

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